50% Of College Football Fans Cheer For Their Team On Social Media

College Football

Social media is chock full of sports fans, and according to a new poll from Discover, 50 percent of college football fans cheer for their team on social media.

Today, Discover published week 6 results from its Fan Loyalty Poll, and here were the findings:

  • One-third of college football fans use social networks while watching their favorite team.
  • Seven percent comment on opposing teams, and only three percent criticize their team.
  • However, 31 percent of college football fans do all of the above three.
  • 56 percent of millennials log on to social media during a game.

Here is the percentage of older college football fans logging on to social media during a game:

  • 40 to 49 – 40 percent
  • 30 to 39 – 38 percent
  • 50 to 64 – 26 percent
  • 65 and older – 17 percent

Nearly double the amount of women cheer for their favorite team on social media at 66 percent, compared to 36 percent of men.

Only 18 percent of women hop on social media to comment on opposing teams, criticize their team and cheer for their team, compared to 43 percent of men. At 38 percent, six percent more men taunt their friends on social media.

According to the latest poll, here are the top six college football teams:

  • Alabama – 43 percent
  • Florida State – 14 percent
  • Ohio State – 14 percent
  • Missouri – 3 percent
  • Oklahoma State – 3 percent
  • Stanford – 3 percent

Discover conducts its Fan Loyalty Poll twice per month, and it leads up to the 2014 Discover Orange Bowl on January 3.

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