Twitter Partners With Deutsche Telekom, ‘Unique Experience’ To Hit Select Android Devices


Twitter and Deutsche Telekom have announced a partnership today that helps Twitter get in front of even more people while providing further support for the carrier.

Deutsche Telekom is the owner of T-Mobile, and is now a Twitter preferred partner, giving it access to various customer service, marketing and advertising opportunities.

From René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom:

“Twitter shows how lively a communication in 140 characters is. We experience this in our daily dialogue with our clients for example via our customer care account ‘Telekom hilft’ (engl: Telekom supports). With the cooperation with Twitter we will reach even more people in the future even better.”

The carrier says it’s the most recognized telecommunications company in Germany on Twitter, and currently has over 41,000 followers.

As part of the deal, the social network will create a “unique experience” that’s set to launch on select Deutsche Telekom Android devices in 2014.

The widget will come preinstalled on Android smartphones available in Germany, Romania, Greece, Croatia and The Netherlands.

From Twitter CEO Dick Costolo:

“When important moments happen in Europe, the conversations about them happen live on Twitter. We are delighted to be working with Deutsche Telekom to make it even easier for their customers to share those moments.”

Currently, Deutsche Telekom has 140 million mobile subscribers worldwide.

Twitter’s new partnership echoes a similar partnership announced in October that puts a Pinterest widget on select Telefonica Android devices.

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