‘Tippy The Fainting Squirrel’ Is The Latest YouTube Star [Video]

Fainting Squirrel Internet Diagnose

Forget Steve Kardynal, Jack Vale, and that cute toddler walking on ice for the first time. “Tippy the Fainting Squirrel” has arrived. A video of the black squirrel posted last week has gone viral, and prompted questions about what is causing the poor little critter to randomly fall over.

The video shows the squirrel foraging for nuts and minding its own little critter business. But, when it tries to sit on its hind legs to eat (or store) a nut, it freezes, then falls on its side. While the video is cute and makes us laugh, Tippy could have a serious, untreated problem.

YouTube commenters have tried to determine what could be causing poor Tippy’s condition and have come up with a few theories. The most prevalent theory is that our little friend had a little too many fermented berries … much like your crazy uncle had a little too much beer on Thanksgiving.

Other than being drunk, it’s possible the he has narcolepsy, a brain tumor, or parasites. It’s also possible the poor squirrel is hypoglycemic. But, for the sake of cuteness, we’re going with drunk.

What do you think is wrong with Tippy the Fainting Squirrel?

[H/T The Independent]

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