Facebook Says It Has Over 1 Million Android Beta Testers

Facebook for Android

Facebook launched its Android beta testing program in June, and today the social network announced it has over one million beta testers.

According to Christian Legnitto, head of Mobile Release Engineering, there are also 50,000 alpha testers as part of its alpha program.

Beta users help Facebook test upcoming releases shortly before launching, and alpha testers receive even earlier access to nightly releases.

From Legnitto:

“We’re really excited to solve these hard problems and give it to the community, as well as benefit from when the community takes these things and uses them to do really interesting things.”

Here’s how to become a Facebook for Android beta tester:

  • Join Facebook’s Android beta testers Google Group.
  • Below where it says “Ready to start testing?,” click the link to become a tester.
  • On the Google Play page, select “Become A Tester,” and then uninstall the Facebook app from your phone.
  • Once you have the app uninstalled, click “Download Facebook from the Play Store,” and reinstall.

Because it’s a beta app, you shouldn’t expect everything to run smoothly, but I can’t remember the last time I ran into any issues.

Last month, Facebook revealed it was testing a new design on Android which borrows the navigation bar from the iPhone app.

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