Netflix Nearly Tied With Cable Subscribers Among US Adults


Netflix continues to dominate, and according to a new graph from analytics company Statista, the video streaming service is nearly tied with the number of American adult cable subscribers.

Statista analyzed a study from Harris Interactive published in October, and the percentage of U.S. adults who subscribe to a paid TV service.

46 percent of American adults ages 18 to 36 have a cable subscription compared to 43 percent who are subscribed to Netflix.

At 17 percent, one percent more are subscribed to Amazon Prime than Satellite TV, and eight percent have a Hulu Plus subscription.

One major correlation with the data is that the higher the age group, the lower the percentage who are subscribed to an Internet-based service.

Here is how U.S. adult cable subscribers compared to Netflix subscribers in higher age groups:

  • 37 to 48 – 48 percent have cable, 31 percent use Netflix
  • 49 to 67 – 55 percent have cable, 21 percent use Netflix
  • 68 and older – 63 percent have cable, 13 percent use Netflix

With companies like Time Warner Cable losing 306,000 subscribers in Q3 2013, Netflix could soon be the most popular pay-TV service among younger U.S. adults.


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