Peyton Manning Won’t Attend Your Wedding, Thank You

Peyton Manning Wedding Invite

Peyton Manning probably won’t attend your wedding, but he will send his autograph (and number) back with an RSVP. At least that was the case for the sister of Reddit user LackadaisicalRomp, who posted a photo of the RSVP card.

It’s nothing new for us normal people to ask a famous person to the prom or, apparently, to our wedding. And sometimes we get responses too, though they aren’t expected. So, Anna and James probably didn’t think they’d get a response from the Broncos quarterback, who is quite busy.

While it might seem like a big gesture for Manning to respond to the RSVP, The Denver Post notes that the quarterback “is diligent about replying to fan mail.” Along with his signature, Peyton also checked the “regretfully decline” option. We’re sure this wasn’t the first wedding invitation Manning has received, and given how this one went viral, we’re guessing it won’t be the last.

Melissa Stusinski
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