The Brands That Rule Twitter And How Can You Copy Them [Infographic]

brands that rule twitter

A recent study by Simply Measured showed that 99 percent of all brands are on Twitter. Even though new platforms are popping up all the time, Twitter is still one of the reigning champs for brands as a place to peddle product, and with the microblog’s recent IPO news, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The best thing that you, as a brand, can do is to figure out what the most successful brands are doing right on Twitter and figure out how to implement those strategies for yourself in order to increase engagement. The infographic below by WhoIsHostingThis is a lengthy look at Twitter success regarding everything from customer service to brand authenticity.

Check out “Which Brands Rule Twitter?” below and learn social strategy from the champs:

Which brands rule twitter

Dusten Carlson
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