LinkedIn Launching “Apply With LinkedIn” Job Application Button

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LinkedIn is adding a new featured called “Apply With LinkedIn” which allows job candidates to click a single button on a company’s website to submit their entire LinkedIn profile as a resume.

Speaking with GigaOm a source “briefed on the feature” says it will be displayed next to job descriptions on partnering websites by the end of June.

The plugin will also allow employer’s to automatically sort candidates based on the applicants data. LinkedIn is also expected to include the capabilities for employer’s to add templates which can grab further information, for example “Are you willing to relocated?” Employers will also be able to ask for a cover letter should they choose to implement that feature.

The program is also smart enough to have submissions sent to an email address, a specific URL or through the user of customized JavaScript callback.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that LinkedIn would launch such a feature with 43% of their revenue currently being made available through hiring solutions.

At this time a cost based structure from the program is unknown, however given the vast amount of money made by sites such as and for simply collection job applications for employers, it won’t come as a surprise if some type of payment structure for the program is announced, perhaps with premium features versus a basic free model.

James Kosur

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