Hate With Friends Lets You Have A Hatefest With Facebook Friends

Hate With Friends

Hate With Friends is a new app that works with your Facebook account, and allows you to “hate” your friends, including the ability to see which friends hate you.

Created by the same guys behind rather (formerly known as Unbaby.me), you can think of it as the opposite of the “like” button.

After clicking the blue “Connect with Facebook” button on the website, and selecting “Okay” from the pop-up, you’re taken to a page that pulls in all your Facebook friends.

Hate With Friends

All friends are organized alphabetically, and you can search for specific friends from the search box on the top left.

By default, Hate With Friends displays all your friends, but you can also sort them by who you hate, and who hates you back.

Clicking “Hate Him” or “Hate Her” puts them under the “Who I Hate” category, and the person will only know you hate them after hating you back.

Once someone hates you too, there’s a “Go Unfriend” button, and if you happen to feel guilty, clicking on “Send A Gift” will take you to Facebook Gifts.

Hate With Friends should (hopefully) not be taken too seriously, though with Zynga suing over the use of “With Friends,” the app could be short-lived.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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