Soccer Player’s Wife Posts Sexy Selfie Four Days After Giving Birth

Caroline Berg Eriksen Sexy Selfie

A Norwegian soccer player’s wife sparked controversy this past week when she posted a sexy selfie of herself just four days after she gave birth to daughter Nelia. Caroline Berg Eriksen’s selfie shows her clad in just a bra and underwear with a fairly flat stomach, something most women don’t have immediately after they give birth.

The Instagram photo was met with criticism, especially from women, including Suzanne Aabel, who questioned if she and Berg Eriksen were the same species. Another blogger, Rebecca Sparrow, called the selfie “an act of war.”

For her part, Aabel also showed a picture of her naked body while she was pregnant, and her belly was much larger than Berg Eriksen’s. At 38 weeks, Caroline, who is also a fitness trainer and blogger, still sported a very small bump than what other women normally have.

Caroline Berg Eriksen Baby

The New York Daily News reports that Gro Nylander, head of the women’s clinic at the Norwegian National Hospital, stood up for Berg Eriksen, saying that it is normal for some woman to have a flat, or near flat, stomach and return to its normal shape soon after birth. She added, “Life is unfair. It is healthy and good that she is in good shape. But the main thing is to show generosity for their bodies.”

For all the criticism Caroline received for the photo, she also had several supporters.

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