Facebook Updates News Feed, Showing More Related Articles


Facebook is looking to make it easier for users to discover relevant content, and is rolling out a News Feed update which displays more related articles.

The social network introduced related articles back in July 2012, and will also start showing more related articles on mobile.

For example, when a Facebook page shares a new post, a box appears below the post to display related articles from that site, and other sites.

Back in August, Facebook announced it was taking on memes, and says it’s working on better separating such posts from legitimate news articles.

In the News Feed, users may also notice older posts resurfacing more often after they receive new comments.

While these updates help improve content discovery on Facebook, TechCrunch makes some good points:

While Facebook’s relevancy-sorted feed works fine for discovering evergreen articles and the big ideas of the day, it lacks the immediacy of chronologically-sorted real-time feeds that excel at breaking news. To win the news discovery battle, Facebook may need to devise a way to recognize and surface not just what content is the best, but what’s important right this minute.

Facebook doesn’t say when the updates will roll out to the News Feed, and only hints at “soon.”

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