Pantene Ad Condemns Gender Stereotypes [Video]

Pantene Ad Stereotypes

We’re no stranger to ads that promote gender stereotypes, especially in the beauty world. So, it’s a surprise to see a new Pantene ad doing the opposite. The ad, from Pantene Philippines, was released last month, but went viral in the past few days with more than a million views on YouTube.

In the ad, titled, “Labels Against Women,” the company shows just how many times women are discriminated against in the workplace. Set to the tune of “Mad World,” a male superior is labeled “boss,” while a female superior is labeled “bossy.”

And unlike male workers who are perceives as “persuasive” and “dedicated” in the workplace, women are seen as “pushy” and selfish.” A well-dressed man is “smooth,” while a well-dressed woman is a “show-off.”

The Pantene ad is a great inspiration in a world where most of our advertisements are used to reinforce gender stereotypes and suggest to both sexes that they need to look and act a certain way. While many feel those kind of advertisements are just fine, others condemn them for sending a wrong message. Pantene’s ad certainly doesn’t send the wrong message.

[h/t IBN Live]

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