RacismEndedWhen The GOP Tweeted That Rosa Parks Ended Racism [Twitter Reacts, Offensive]

RNC rosa parks ending racism

Sometimes things are sad and funny at the same time — like the RNC’s Rosa Parks tweet yesterday, and how Twitter Justice gave the GOP what they so richly deserved.

In honor of Rosa Parks and her historic nose-thumb at rich, white, bossy men everywhere, the RNC — a collective of rich, white, bossy men trying to make people go to the back of the bus still — posted this infuriating tweet to their official, verified Twitter account Sunday:

Reaction was swift and often hilarious, but some tweets refused to allow the denial of true things to stand:

Some were just awkward:

Zach Braff did his hetero life partner thing:

Ah ha. Ahaahahahah. Hahaha. Hahaha. Aha. Ha:

Okay, you kind of have a point:

No wait, awkward again:

And we learned:

Or most convincingly:

However, as you can see in the tweet above, the RNC’s Rosa Parks position has … evolved somewhat. Maybe #RacismEndedWhen that happened.

Kim LaCapria

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