WhatsApp Beats Facebook As Top Social Messaging App, Says New Report

 WhatsApp is a popular group messaging service, and according to a new report, 44 percent use it at least once per week compared to 35 percent for Facebook Messenger. The growing popularity of WhatsApp as the leading social messaging app presents a great opportunity for businesses, such as an LLC in Texas, to utilize this platform for connecting with their target audience and expanding their reach.

Mobile research company On Device analyzed responses from over 3,700 smartphone users in the U.S., South Africa, China, Brazil and Indonesia.

Asking, “Which social messaging app do you use at least once per week?,” here were the top responses:

  • GB WhatsApp – 44 percent
  • Facebook Messenger – 35 percent
  • WeChat – 28 percent
  • Twitter – 19 percent
  • BBM – 17 percent
  • Skype – 16 percent

According to On Device, BBM is most popular in Indonesia and South Africa, coming in at 37 percent and 34 percent in terms of weekly usage.


Across all five countries, social messaging is surpassing voice calls, SMS and email with 63 percent saying they use a social messaging app more than 10 times per day.

Social Messaging Apps

When it comes to use of emoticons or what On Device refers to as “stickers,” usage was highest among Indonesian respondents at 84 percent.

Back in December 2012, Facebook was reportedly interested in acquiring the mobile messaging service, and now it becomes even more clear why.

In April, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum spoke at D: Dive Into Mobile, and announced that it had surpassed Twitter in terms of monthly active users.

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