Meet Syme, An Encrypted Social Network For The Privacy-Conscious [Video]


Social networks are a dime a dozen, but Syme looks to offer a safer approach post-NSA privacy concerns.

Created by students from McGill University in Montreal, it’s designed for groups, and encrypts all messages browser-side.

Essentially, the only people who can read your content are people you explicitly invited to a group, and are members.

From Co-Founder Jonathan Hershon:

“We wanted to make something that people could easily recognize and feel at home with. People are actively looking for alternatives to securely share information. That’s the need that we’re trying to fill.”

Users can share text, photos, videos and files similar to other social networks, and the interface looks to have drawn inspiration from Google+.

While Syme appears to be safer than other social networks, Hershon says the service is undergoing an independent review, and should not be used for “the transmission of super-sensitive messages.”

Syme is free to use via a Google Chrome extension, and there are future plans to launch a Firefox and Safari extension, including an Android and iOS app.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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