Social Media Integrates With Sports, Creates Better Interaction [Infographic]

Sports and Social Media

If you want your sports team to grab the attention of fans these days the best means for doing so is social media. Yesterday we reported that Google+ Hangouts were being used to converse with the NFL’s top two pics (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) and now a new infographic from sports medicine company KT Tape shows exactly how powerful social media has become in the realm of professional athletics.

Need proof of Twitter and Facebook’s social sports reach? More than 80% of sports fans use social media while watching sports on TV and more than 60% do so while watching live events.

In fact social media has become so popular that Tim Tebow set a twitter record when his 80 yard touchdown pass that propelled the Denver Broncos into the NFL playoffs. After that pass more than 9,000 tweets per second were sent.

Need even more proof? international soccer stars Ronaldo and Kaka are the two most followed athletes on Twitter.

Here’s the KT Tape social media sports infographic (Click To Enlarge):

Sports and Social Media

James Kosur

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