Buffer Launches 2-Step Login For Better Security


Buffer was affected by a security breach last month, and the social media sharing service did a great job keeping users updated on what was happening.

Today, it launched 2-Step Login, a two-factor authentication system that dramatically improves the security of one’s account.

Similar to Facebook’s Login Approvals, when logging in to your Buffer account, you will also have to enter a special code sent to your mobile phone.

Users can receive a code either by text message or through the Google Authenticator app available on Android, and iOS.

Here’s how to setup 2-Step Login:

  • Login to Buffer, and under “My Account” select “Access Password.”
  • Click the button that says “Enable 2-Step Login.”
  • You will be asked to reenter your password, and you can now choose to receive a code via text message or Google Authenticator.
  • Once the code has been successfully entered, you will see a prompt which contains a special code in case you ever lose your phone.

Buffer also shared some other changes it’s made to better protect users:

  • Resetting all of our breached credentials after the hack
  • Encrypting email addresses stored in our database
  • Encrypting access tokens that let us post to users’ social media accounts
  • Having all team members change passwords and set up two-factor authentication (where possible) on our accounts for Google, Github, Stripe, HipChat and Dropbox

Two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly more popular, and it’s great to see services like Buffer implement such a simple, yet very effective feature.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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