Topless Seth Rogen And James Franco Recreate Kim And Kanye’s Creepy ‘Bound 2’ Video


A topless Seth Rogen straddling James Franco on a motorcycle? Sign us up.

We’re not sure if you saw Kanye West’s new video for “Bound 2” last week, but here’s a summary: Kanye is still weird, and Kim is still good at showing her boobs off on camera.

Anyway, to poke fun at the ridiculous and bizarre video, Rogen and Franco released their own shot-for-shot remake of “Bound 2,” in which Rogen plays Kim Kardashian, topless and everything.

“James Franco and I made a video for you guys during down time on the set of ‪#‎TheInterview,” Rogen wrote on Facebook.‬ “Check it and let me know what you guys think.”

The original video has since been taken down, probably due to massive butthurt from Kanye’s team. Thankfully, it was grabbed and re-uploaded by a couple of third parties.

You can watch it above while it lasts. If Rogen and Franco’s “Bound 3” spoof continues to go viral, we’re predicting a Kanye West Twitter meltdown of Jimmy Kimmel proportions any time now.

[h/t – DailyGlobe]

Dusten Carlson
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