Iran Nuclear Deal Applauded By World Leaders On Twitter

Iran Nuclear Deal And World Leader Twitter Reactions

An Iran nuclear deal meant to stop the country from creating weaponized nuclear weapons is being applauded by world leaders. To celebrate the occasion leaders and their respective representatives have taken to Twitter in a show of support for the new deal.

The Iran nuclear deal was announced on Saturday night by President Barack Obama, who took to national television to announce the new pact.

With Iran promising to show significant proof that it does not intend to pursue a nuclear weapon the country will immediately recognize the easing of economic sanctions which have crippled the country in recent monts.

The official White House account kicked off the congratulatory tone on Twitter:

Following along a short time later was Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who has been tweeting for extended diplomacy since he took office in May.

With U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UK Foreign Secretary William Hague leading much of the negotiations U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron added:

Hague himself then offered a tweet following the agreement:

That tweet was met with a similar tone by the official account for the U.S. Secretary of State:

Not everyone was pleased with the outcome of the Iran nuclear deal as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted:

Netanyahu didn’t stop there, sending out a series of tweets opposing Iran’s nuclear deal:

Only time will tell if the Iranian nuclear deal was the right decision or a colossal mistake as Netanyahu claims.

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