Google Patents Social Media Robot, Will Tweet For You

Social Media Robot Google

Are you tired of maintaining all your social media accounts? Do you wish you could hire someone else to do it for you without actually dealing with someone else? Well, Google patented a robot to do just that.

The search giant filed patent plans in 2011 for software that slowly learns how you react on social networks, creates responses for you, and analyzes continuing interaction and flags messages that demand more of a personal response.

Google software engineer Ashish Bhatia invented the new technology. He wrote in the patent application, “The popularity and use of social networks and other types of electronic communication has grown dramatically in recent years. It is often difficult for users to keep up with and reply to all the messages they are receiving.”

So, in the hopes of helping people cope with the deluge, BBC reports that the technology would able to collect information about all the social networks a person or company joins. Then, it will log what they do and make notes of how they respond to messages, notifications, status changes, videos, images, and links they receive.

Eventually, the robot would be able to make suggestions of its own that, ideally, are indistinguishable from the real person. While the system does have potential, examples provided in the patent suggest it still needs work.

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