Jimmy Kimmel Pranks John Krasinski With Beautiful Winter Wonderland

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks John Krasinski

Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to pranking people, so it comes as no surprise that he may have won the prank war he and John Krasinski have been dabbling in the past few years. Kimmel introduced the prank on his show Wednesday night, saying, “Around the holiday season I have a tradition, and that tradition involves vandalizing my friend John Krasinski’s home.”

The comic explained that Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, started the prank war years ago when they broke into Kimmel’s mansion to stage their own joke. After Kimmel made the mistake of giving the couple a key to his home, the comic recalled, “Under cover of night, they snuck in that they set up this light-up Santa Claus and Snowman in my living room, which was alarming when I got home. And they put a Star of David outside my bedroom, in case I converted or something, I guess.”

Naturally, Kimmel had to get them back. The host shared photos of the best pranks over the years, which included Kimmel renting a massive reindeer and covering his prank rivals’ yard in “giant reindeer poop.” But this year, Kimmel enlisted the help of HP and pulled an epic prank that had Krasinski scratching his head of how to get his friend back.

The set up involved eight trucks of holiday decorations and a 15-person crew that turned the Krasinski-Blunt home into a beautiful winter wonderland, complete with a snow blowing machine. When John Krasinski got home, he exited the car and said, “Oh, my god … What?” Check out the rest of Krasinski’s reaction below, along with what appears to be a concession that he will never be able to get Jimmy Kimmel back — until Guillermo Rodriguez offers his help.


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