Twitter Makes It Easier For Networks To Target TV Viewers


Twitter rolled out TV ad targeting back in July for the U.S. only, and today announced TV conversation targeting.

With TV conversation targeting, networks and brands will be able to better target users already talking about a TV show.

From the Twitter blog:

The way TV conversation targeting works is simple: through our conversation mapping technology, networks and brands can promote Tweets to users who engage with specific shows, whether or not a brand is running a spot in the program. Now advertisers can easily reach Twitter users exposed to integrations, sponsorships, and other innovative TV tie-ins for an additional touch point or message expansion.

The new feature is available to all advertisers in the U.S. and U.K., and the social network says it will be rolling out “betas” to Brazil, Canada, France and Spain over the next few weeks.

Twitter also shared data from partnerships with MarketShare, and Nielsen’s Marketing Analytics group.

When Promoted Tweets are ran alongside TV ads, there is a 36 percent decrease in cost per incremental acquisition from TV advertising.

When Twitter paid media is paired with TV ads, TV ads drive 8-16 percent more sales on average.

Not to brag, the social network ended with this tidbit:

If you’re keeping score at home, advertisers running both TV commercials and Promoted Tweets have demonstrated 95% stronger message association, 58% higher purchase intent, 8-16% more sales, and 36% lower customer acquisition costs.

Twitter has long been a favorite TV companion, and a recent mobile app update added a Trending timeline which also includes TV shows.

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