Charisma Carpenter’s ‘Buffy’ TBT Takes Us Back

Charisma Carpenter Participates TBT

Charisma Carpenter shared some fantastic photos for throwback Thursday that have us scrambling to watch reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix. While we haven’t found the remote yet, we still wanted to revel in the 90s throwback (and David Boreanaz’s Hawaiian shirt) for a little longer.

The first TBT photo showed the Buffy cast’s first comic con together in true 90s style:

Charisma then ushered her fans over to Instagram, where she shared a photo of herself in her high school cap and gown, complete with teased, bushy hair:

Charisma Carpenter Buffy TBT 1

Her final throwback photos showcased Anthony Head’s huge smile and Seth Green’s penchant for drawing all over Polaroid pictures:

Charisma Carpenter Buffy TBT 2

Charisma Carpenter Buffy TBT 3

No word yet on whether the rest of the cast will respond with their own throwback Thursday photos.

[Featured Image by Nikita Kashner via photopin cc]

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