Livefyre Acquires Realtidbits, Focused On Expanding Its Analytics


Livefyre acquired Realtidbits today, a company that specializes in analytics, and also offers a real-time commenting system similar to Livefyre.

According to Livefyre Founder and CEO Jordan Kretchmer, the commenting startup is specifically interested in Realtidbit’s analytics technology.

From TechCrunch:

“We’re in a pretty acquisitive place right now,” Kretchmer said. “We want to expand our product reach, and we’re actively exploring anything delivering on our premise of social everywhere.”

The five employees currently at Realtidbits will transition over to Livefyre as part of the analytics team, and setup shop at the company’s new office in San Diego.

Back in September, Livefyre acquired Storify, a service that enables you to easily, and beautifully aggregate content from multiple social networks.

Mike Stenger

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