Sylvia Browne Dies, Internet Bets She Didn’t See It Coming [Twitter Reacts]

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne, the world famous psychic who recently made headlines due to her connection to the Ariel Castro kidnappings (we’ll explain), has died. She was 77-years-old.

Browne was well known for numerous TV appearances on shows like “Montel” and “Unsolved Mysteries,” and worked as a spiritual consultant on several missing persons cases. That’s a very delicate way of saying she tried to use her psychic powers to solve cold cases. We can’t vouch for her success rate, but one major, major, major failure put her in the headlines recently.

Amanda Berry, one of the Cleveland kidnapping victims, went missing back in 2003. Later, on “Montel,” Berry’s mom asked Browne if her daughter was still out there. Browne told Berry’s mom, Louwana Miller, that wherever her daughter was, she had died. Specifically, “in water.”

Of course, it turned out that Amanda Berry had been held in captivity by Ariel Castro for nearly a decade. But Louwana died of heart failure in 2006, never to be reunited with her daughter.

So … that’s Browne’s legacy, unfortunately.

Her Facebook page hosts a memorial/obituary, and most of her fans have flocked there to express their sorrow and well-wishes.

Twitter, on the other hand, is shaping up to be quite a different beast. For better or worse, here are the reactions there:

“Bet she didn’t see that coming” seems to be the most popular joke being thrown around on Twitter:

TMZ reports that Sylvia Browne died this morning surrounded by family and friends.

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