YouTube Videos From Brands Viewed 10x Less Than User-Generated Videos


YouTube is a major platform where many brands hope to “go viral,” and according to new research, videos from brands are viewed 10x less than user-generated videos.

Video analytics company Octoly analyzed 286 different brands, and measured the total number of views for brand and user-generated videos since the beginning of YouTube.

Here is what it found:

  • The average brand received 25 million total views while earned media (user-generated content) came in at 300 million views.
  • The average brand had 260 videos, compared to 35,000 videos from earned media.

Combing owned (brands) and earned media, here are the top eight brands on YouTube:

  • Call of Duty – 9.3 billion views
  • LEGO – 8 billion views
  • Apple – 4.2 billion views
  • Barbie – 3.6 billion views
  • BMW – 2.8 billion views
  • Coca-Cola – 1.4 billion views

YouTube sees over one billion unique visitors every month, and according to Octoly, one million people make money from the video site.


Mike Stenger

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