Zynga Adds New Social Features To ‘Draw Something’ App

Draw Something App

When Zynga purchased OMGPOP and acquired the uber-popular mobile app Draw Something we figured it was only a matter of time before the company added new social features and that time is now.

Zynga on Wednesday rolled out new social features that includes the ability to comment and the option to save drawings to your photo library and then share any drawings you choose via Facebook or Twitter from inside the app.

Speaking of the company’s decision to make changes OMGPOP CEO Dan Port said right after the acquisition:

“There are more features people want in the game, and there’s no way we could scale enough people fast enough. The game is so large that you need a really big scale.”

In explaining the difficulty of adding chat Porter had said:

“Chat is a big part of the plan, but tricky because you don’t want to break the guessing cycle of the game.”

If you are looking for the new chat feature you can find it under the “Drawsome!” page once you have finished guessing a word in the game.

Also thrown in for good measure is an easy undo button for correcting mistakes, a pull down to refresh for updating your gaming queue in flash and the ability to streak up to 999 savings.

Simply update your Draw Something app from inside your mobile device and the new features will immediately show up.

James Kosur

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