LinkedIn Unveils Showcase Pages, More On Par With Facebook


LinkedIn announced Showcase Pages today which are separate from Company Pages, and allow organizations to highlight specific products or services.

Companies can create up to 10 different Showcase Pages, and the social network says it will allow even more for larger, think Fortune 500, companies.

For example, a company like Samsung could create a separate page for mobile devices, televisions, and much more.

Showcase Pages share a striking resemblance to Facebook Pages, and feature a large cover photo at the top with a bright yellow “Follow” button.

Users can follow the page, and directly below its photo, companies can include a brief description plus link to a website.

Below the description, you can see what company is behind the page, and posts look identical to other LinkedIn posts.

To help grow Showcase Pages, companies can buy Follower Ads, and similar to Facebook, pay for Sponsored Updates which puts posts in front of people not following the page.

LinkedIn also announced Talent Updates today, which allows posting to a company page directly through the recruiter dashboard.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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