Richard Branson On Conan O’Brien’s Quest To Rule LinkedIn: ‘Absolutely not Conan!’

Richard Branson

Conan O’Brien announced his quest to rule LinkedIn like he has other social networks back in September, and even approved connection requests.

Recently, Conan did a segment saying he “deserves more followers, and even Sir Richard Branson agrees.”

Richard Branson is the number one LinkedIn influencer, and currently has just under three million followers.

Unfortunately, Conan didn’t receive the praise he had hoped for with Branson saying, “Absolutely not Conan! No, no, no, no way.”

Of course Sir Richard was joking around, and in a new blog post, said “Sorry, I meant: “Absolutely yes Conan. Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

He also went on to mention Trish Regan who is just behind Conan in followers on LinkedIn.

While it’s not a competition, Conan mentioned he was next to Trish Regan, Anchor and Editor-at-Large at Bloomberg, in the LinkedIn follower stakes. He gave her a sly dig, and she hit back with a video of her own. Trish’s team happened to be with us on Necker at the time filming a piece about our newly-rebuilt Necker House. They were delightful company, so I was happy to support Trish in her battle with Conan – watch out Team Coco!

While Conan may have more LinkedIn followers than Trish, it’s going to be a very long time before he ever catches up to Richard Branson.

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