5 Things We Learned From A ‘Breastaurant’ Waitress’s Reddit AMA

tilted kilt

Hey, reader. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a “breastaurant” waitress? Gauging from one young woman’s reddit AMA, you’d spend a lot of your time swatting off gross, slobbery dudes who have confused the place for a Korean massage parlor.

So instead of exploring breastauranteering behind-the-scenes, we’ve decided to put together a “boundaries” cheat sheet for you so that you can learn how not to get kicked out of a place like the Tilted Kilt.

Tilted Kilt waitress reddit

Pro-Tip No. 1: Don’t Be A Dick

Failure to respect “Blurred Lines” conservatively will result in having only your ass served to you.

Pro-Tip No. 2: If You Must Hit On Her, Make Her Laugh

breastaurant waitress AMA

Will Ferrell
Introducing: The Sexiest Man Alive

Pro-Tip No. 3: It Is Possible To Score A Date (As Long As You’re Not Creepy)

breastaurant waitress AMA

breastaurant waitress ama
Basically, this is the bar.

Pro-Tip No. 4: Plenty Of Men Work There Too, And They Will Kick Your Ass

breastaurant waitress AMA

breastaurant waitress ama
Read: The last thing you will see.

Pro-Tip No. 5: Don’t Ask For Her Number (Leave Yours)

breastaurant waitress AMA

Two Interesting Business Proposals From The AMA:

The “Boobs and Breakfast” concept:

breastaurant waitress ama

breastaurant waitress ama
Come on, you knew there was going to be at least one boobs-related GIF for no apparent reason.

The “Penistaurant” concept:

breastaurant waitress ama

breastaurant wiatress ama
Here’s a naked dude GIF just to show you how fair and progressive we are about equality.

You can check out the rest of the “breastaurant” waitress’s reddit AMA here.

[Top Image: Tilted Kilt]

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