Zach King Brings Visual Effects To Vine

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Vine is still a relatively new social platform but we’ve already seen a few stars emerge. There’s Batdad, a father of three who uses the Dark Knight as his parenting muse, and Jerome Jarre, who doles out inspiring life advice in a few brief seconds. And now we have Zach King, Vine’s in-house master of visual effects.

You may already know King as the FinalCut King on YouTube. King used his YouTube channel to give little tutorials on how to achieve some cool visual effects. Well, now he’s putting those skills to use on Vine.

He can cook breakfast with ping pong balls.

Or with a computer.

He can get undressed in less than .01 seconds.

He even knows how to impress women.

He doesn’t know how to solve a rubik’s cube.

But he does own a magical goldfish.

You can check out more of the Final Cut King here.

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