Ireland Baldwin Defends Father Alec Baldwin On Twitter

ireland baldwin

Alec Baldwin said some pretty nasty things (again) and his daughter Ireland is coming to his defense.

Ireland took to Twitter this weekend to tell her fans, and her father’s fans, to give Alec Baldwin another shot. Ireland insists that her father is a good person with a good heart and is “far from a homophobe or a racist.” In case you missed it, Alec was caught calling a paparazzi photographer a “c*ck sucking f*g” last week.

Ireland Baldwin may be right. Alec Baldwin may be a great guy when he’s with his family and out of the public eye. But the actor has repeatedly shown the public that he can’t control his anger. He’s had multiple fights with the paparazzi, has frequently been caught using slurs and racist language, and he has no one to blame but himself. Well, him and the paparazzi.

Do you agree with Ireland Baldwin? Is Alec Baldwin’s most recent flare up really just a teaching moment about how the paparazzi should act?

Alec has apologized himself but it doesn’t look like the public is listening. He was suspended from his TV show for two weeks and GLAAD issued a public statement saying that Alec would have to do more than just apologize for his latest slur.

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