Breaking Bad ‘Alternate Ending’ Makes Heisenberg Hal’s Nightmare [Video]

breaking bad

A Breaking Bad “alternate ending,” which sees Bryan Cranston as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle dreaming up the whole thing Newhart-style, is making the rounds online today.

The clip was uploaded just a few hours ago, and no one seems to know where it came from. It stars Cranston, and Jane Kaczmarek reprises her role as Lois from Malcolm, so some have taken to guessing that the clip is legitimate and studio-made, likely an extra for Breaking Bad’s Season 5 DVD release later this month.

Anyway, the clip is an obvious reference to the series finale of Newhart, in which series star Bob Newhart wakes up in the universe of his previous show The Bob Newhart Show, and recounts the entire series to Suzanne Pleshette (the character’s wife from the previous show).

It is considered one of the most memorable series finales of all time.

The clip might also be something of an in-joke for producers of Breaking Bad. Though Cranston was creator Vince Gilligan’s first choice, AMC execs were reluctant to cast him as a dramatic lead based on his plucky Malcolm in the Middle role. They approached actors John Cusack and Matthew Broderick instead, but the role ultimately went to Cranston.

Check out the Breaking Bad alternate ending up top, leave us your thoughts below.

Dusten Carlson
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