JP Morgan Joins, Flees Twitter After Cyberbullying


JP Morgan learned the hard way this week to stay off social media if you don’t want to engage with the community on their terms — and a hashtag, #AskJPM, remains in play following the epic social media firestorm.

While JP Morgan’s Twitter experiment didn’t last long or end well for the company, the lingering evidence speaks strongly to the dangers of entering the social fray unable to address customers on the level on which they wish to engage.

Predictably, the big banking brand was welcomed on social media platforms with some harsh questions — questions that it could neither control nor seemingly even respond to in a close to reasonable fashion.

And after promoting the hell out of the #AskJPM hashtag, the bank ran screaming from Twitter after the following questions — logged by Matthew Keys — were among those asked in the hellish Q&A:

Is the fact that you’ve paid over half a billion in fines since August a source or pride, or are you embarrassed it’s not higher? #AskJPM

My question: Why is JP Morgan Chase foreclosing on my neighbor after she’s paid for her house 4 times over? #AskJPM Disgusting.

Does it feel better paying the biggest bank fines in history so far, or did the satisfaction of the crimes outweigh the fines? #AskJPM

Are you relieved that credit ratings services are so inept, or would your billables be even higher if you faced competent scrutiny? #AskJPM

#askJPM Any plans to return illegally foreclosed homes to their rightful owners? If not, how do you justify your continued existence?

Do you feel bad for ripping me off every month for charging me over 10% on a car loan reject me when I apply for a credit card? #AskJPM

When you paid $309M for illegal credit card practices, did you say #whatev we have $28BN set aside for fines? #AskJPM

Did you have a specific number of people’s lives you needed to ruin before you considered your business model a success? #AskJPM

When you locked people out of their homes ruined their lives, did you still send them credit card invitations just to rub it in? #AskJPM

Can I have my house back? #AskJPM

After the Twitter fiasco, JP Morgan said in a statement that the questions posed were “insulting.”

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