Little Girl Walks On Ice For First Time, Wins The Internet

Toddler Discovers Ice First Time

A little girl walking on ice for the first time has internet users oohing and aahing over how incredibly cute she is. The devastatingly short video of the unnamed girl went viral this week, though it was first uploaded to YouTube almost a month ago.

We’ve all had that moment of discovering how to walk on ice and, let’s face it, some of us are still learning, despite falling on our butts more than once. However, there’s something about a little kid discovering something for the first time that is infinitely more cute than an adult doing it.

So, as Gawker eloquently put it, you might think you’re ready to watch this adorable video. Think again. The first part is enough to have us smiling at the cuteness, but it’s the end of the clip that really makes us laugh (or snort, or giggle…you get the picture).

There’s no word on who the little girl is, or what country it was filmed in, but we still congratulate this pink snowsuit-wearing toddler on winning the internet — and our hearts.

Melissa Stusinski
Melissa grew up in the Seattle area, but moved to Indiana to attend Anderson University in 2005 and was editor at the school's Literary Arts Magazine for two years. When she isn't focused on writing, Melissa enjoys working on cars, gaming, and exploring new places. [Contact:]


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