Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Case Has Twitter Joking, Fighting, And Left Confused

Jameis Winston Sexual Assault

Florida State red shirt QB and Heisman trophy contender Jameis Winston has come under fire after being named in a sexual assault case, or so numerous media reports would have us believe.

The quarterbacks name became a trending term in the United States on Thursday after Florida States Attorney William Meggs reopened a December 2012 investigation. According to USA Herald that case was opened under outside pressure and was brought forth by a man with a “history of questionable and discriminatory practices.”

The insider claims that William Meggs had concrete knowledge of the case and is now claiming ignorance so the case can reopen and ignite national turmoil.

The USA Herald questions why the case even mentions Jameis Winston. Most of the lawsuit has been redacted and the quarterback’s name isn’t even mentioned in the case.

You can read the full report HERE.

In the meantime here are some of the Twitter reactions from fans of Florida State who don’t seem deterred by the allegations:

And the jokes continue at break neck speeds, however, it wasn’t all kidding, some fans outwardly called the rumors nothing more than a smear campaign:

Still others believe Jameis Winston is in big trouble:

We don’t know what the outcome of this case will be, what we do know is that Jameis Winston will be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons for the weeks and months to come.

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