Piers Morgan Is On A Curious Anti-Obamacare Roll Over On Twitter

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, normally sympathetic to the progressive cause, has been on a quirky anti-Obama roll on his Twitter account for the last 24 hours.

Though there have been several such movements to boot Piers back to the old country, the CNN anchor is probably referring to the whitehouse.gov one which, before it was turned down by the Obama Administration, inked 109,000 signatures.

Per enrollment data released this week, only about 106,000 have signed up for health insurance plans through healthcare.gov so far.

Anyway, that shit was funny and self-deprecating. It got over 2,000 retweets and nearly 1,000 favorites, so Piers, finally getting some good attention on his Twitter account for a change, apparently decided to hang up gun control for the day and make fetch happen with this new Obamacare set.

He started with a retweet:

And kept it going through the president’s presser Thursday afternoon:

Eventually, he backed off.

Of course, it could be that Piers was simply going with the comfort of the herd. Few reporters defended the president on Twitter today. Not only was he late to his presser:

Then, he got strung out by CBS’ Major Garrett:

And there are still a ton of questions about what’s going on:

Ugh. This stuff is hurting my head. Let’s check in with Piers Morgan again:

photo credit: thisiscow via photopin cc

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