Justin Bieber Apologizes For Argentina Flag Fiasco

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Justin Bieber’s South American tour has been…. interesting. There was the alleged hooker in Brazil, the food poisoning incident in Buenos Aires, and now he’s apparently offended all of Argentina by disrespecting the country’s flag on stage.

According to Rolling Stone, Bieber was playing in Buenos Aires when a fan threw an Argentina flag onstage. The singer didn’t notice that it was a flag and kicked it out of his way.

And then people freaked out.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun said that Bieber spent the entire day “dealing with the pandemonium caused in Argentina.”

The singer also used Twitter to apologize to his fans. Bieber said that he didn’t realize that it was a flag (he still thinks that it was a t-shirt) and added that he would never do anything to offend his Argentina fans.

Argentina takes its flag pretty seriously. The AP notes that disgracing the flag can be punishable by up to four years in prison. But really? Was Justin Bieber the one being disrespectful? It seems to me that the person who threw the flag onto the stage should be the one issuing an apology. But something tells me that that person doesn’t have 47 million Twitter followers….

Here’s a video about some of Justin Bieber’s other concert troubles.

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