YouTube Finally Limping Its Way To Nintendo 3DS, Wii U Also Has New Upgrade

Nintendo 3DS with YouTube support

The YouTube app will finally arrive for Nintendo 3DS users later this month and along with that upgrade will be some new features for Wii U customers.

Nintendo announced on Wednesday during the Nintendo Direct press conference, that users will be able to watch videos on the upper screen while selecting and searching for others using the lower display. The Nintendo 3DS will be given Nintendo Network ID (NNID) compatibility, Miiverse, and a store balance that now combines with the Wii U.

The Nintendo 3DS launched in 2011 and hints about its release have circulated on several occasions.

On the Nintendo Wii U side of the YouTube platform the company announced that an update will be arriving with full-HD support packed full of useful features.

Are you ready to rock out to YouTube videos on your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Wii U?

James Kosur

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