Astronaut Chris Hadfield Promotes Movember, And You Should Too

Chris Hadfield Movember Support

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield is still adjusting to life on Earth after spending months orbiting our planet on the International Space Station. Thankfully for the global charity Movember, Hadfield took time out of his busy day (folding laundry?) to promote the charity with one of his now-famous “daily routine” videos.

Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut to command the ISS and has an impressive one million followers on Twitter. When he wasn’t working on Expedition 35, the astronaut recorded music for an album using a guitar that was previously brought to the space station.

Before returning to Earth in May, the astronaut played his version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” which has more than 18 million views on YouTube:

Since his return, Chris Hadfield also posted a series of videos to the video sharing site showcasing an astronaut’s guide to everything from driving and commuting to camping and playing rugby. While those videos received their fair share of views, his latest one, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Movember,” has many more.

For those who don’t know, Movember is a global charity aimed at influencing men’s health. During the month of November, men are encouraged to grow out their mustaches and ask their friends and family to donate to their efforts to grow a fantastic amount of facial hair. The money goes to support men’s health programs directed by the Movember Foundation.

Considering Christ Hadfield’s already epic mustache, plus his large social media following, it’s not surprising to see the astronaut support Movember.

[Image by NASA]

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