Detroit Reporter Lauren Podell Drops Epic F-Bomb On Live TV

Detroit Reporter F-Bomb Live TV

Detroit reporter Lauren Podell must be having a really bad week, especially on Wednesday after the normally sweet, polite woman dropped a rather epic f-bomb on live television.

Podell, a reporter at NBC affiliate WDIV, was on the scene of a fire in Lapeer when she apparently didn’t realize she had a hot mike — or that anchors were coming to her live for an update during the morning newscast.

She is overheard on several YouTube videos of the incident saying, “I don’t have IFB, I don’t know when we’re going, neither does Jim, I can’t get this f**king in there!” As soon as the morning anchors heard the language, Evrod Cassimy immediately apologized for Podell’s language.

IFB, or interruptable feedback, is how reporters know when they are going on air. The technology feeds a producer or director’s cues to the reporter using an earpiece. So, it’s likely poor Lauren was caught dropping the f-bomb on TV. Thankfully, most of the anchor’s fans enjoyed a good morning laugh at her expense, and left their support in YouTube comments and on Twitter, where users wrote:

We wish Lauren Podell the best, and we bet she’ll always think twice before dropping the f-bomb so close to a TV microphone.

Melissa Stusinski
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