YouTube Fan Finder Helps Users Get New Subscribers For Free


YouTube is looking to help creators better connect with millions of users across its site, and has launched a new program called Fan Finder.

Available for free, you create a video talking about your channel if not done so already, which can then be displayed as a TrueView video ad.

Essentially, Fan Finder is an advertising campaign, and your video is displayed in the same fashion as other pre-roll ads.

Users can skip them after five seconds, and by clicking on your video, they are then taken to your YouTube channel where they hopefully subscribe.

According to YouTube, here are a few tips to crafting a great video about your channel:

  • Keep your channel ad short and engaging: Introduce the viewer to your content; don’t assume they have heard of you or your channel before. Remember, your channel ad will run as a TrueView ad which the viewer can skip after 5 seconds, so get to the point.
  • Entertain the viewer: When in doubt “show” what your channel is about, don’t “tell”. If you have a comedy channel make sure your ad is funny, if you have a music channel make sure your ad has music. You get the drift.
  • Aim for a strong message: Keep your channel ad focused on your channel and why viewers should subscribe or check out your content.

To learn more about YouTube Fan Finder, you can go here, and check out the video below.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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