Pastor Mark Driscoll Promises Twitter AMA, Trolls Respond

Twitter AMA Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, the controversial pastor of Washington state’s Mars Hill Church, promised a Twitter AMA for 9:15 am PST on Tuesday. It’s no surprise, given his critics, that trolls are using his hashtag, #askPM, to respond.

In response to Driscoll’s announcement, Slog’s Paul Constant provided trolls, and the pastor’s critics, with a few questions they could ask him, including, “Is masturbation really ‘bordering on homosexuality?’ ” and “How much do you hate women?” The questions are a reference to the pastor’s sermons that even spawned the website

Some troll comments included:

Trolls weren’t the only responses Driscoll received for his upcoming Twitter AMA. The pastor also received genuine questions about his ministry and even a request for prayers to the Philippines in light of Super Typhoon Haiyan:

Do you think Mark Driscoll will answer the trolls, or will he ignore them and opt to talk with people like Jeremy Clark and Charlotte Norton?

Melissa Stusinski
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