Orthodox Brooklyn School Orders Girls Off Facebook

Facebook Pages for Orthodox School

Girls attending an orthodox Hasidic all-girls high school in Brooklyn, New York have been ordered to close down their Facebook accounts or face immediately expulsion.

Orthodox Beth Rivkah HS has warned the girls that if they do not immediately close their social-networking accounts and pay a $100 fine or they will be kicked out of the school.

In a laughable moment of sheer stupidity Benzion Stock, administrator of the Crown Heights school told the NY Post:

“Girls are getting killed on the Internet — that’s the reason for it.”

Stock continues

“The Internet is a good way to ruin marriages and families. We don’t want them there, period. It’s the wrong place for a Jewish girl to be. Facebook is not a modest thing to do.”

What stock doesn’t address is the fact that understanding social media is a necessary evil in an age where company’s such as Yammer are creating business social networks and students who don’t understand social networking are likely to be left behind in a connected word.

The school decided to enact the new policy after several 11th-grade girls put up illicit Facebook pages.

James Kosur

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