Instagram Blocks Hashtags Used For Selling Drugs

Instagram Blocks Drug Selling Hashtags

Photo sharing platform Instagram has begun actively blocking certain hashtags in an attempt to stop the sale of illegal drugs on the network.

Instagram decided to actively fight back against drug sales after a BBC investigation found that users were selling many different types of narcotics on the platform.

Drugs being sold through Instagram channels include MDMA, Marijuana, and various amphetamine-related substances.

In one Instagram post a picture of marijuana was shown with the caption: “Just getting a few packs ready for tomorrow morning … Place your order today, it gets shipped out at 8am tomorrow.”

In another Instagram post various pills were shown with the message: “$2 a pop for xans, $10 a pop for roxys.”

After users of the Instagram platform find the posted advertisements they use Kik, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging apps to finalize their orders.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram, has an active policy in place to stop illegal activity when reported. The company’s terms of service states, “You may not use the service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.”

Instagram officials plan to actively monitor the hashtags being used to sell drugs in order to continually block buzzwords that lead to illegal sales.

Instagram Blocks Drug Selling Hashtags

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