Top 10 Earners From Twitter’s IPO

Twitter IPO

Twitter finally held its IPO yesterday, and as the day drew to a close, the social network was trading above $44 during after hours.

This gave it a valuation of over $24 billion, and stock was nearly $20 above the set share price of $26.

With the stock price fluctuating, and currently trading around $43, there is no way to put an exact figure on how much individual stakes are worth.

However, here are estimates of the top 10 earners from the Twitter IPO:

  • Rizvi Traverse – $3.82 billion
  • Ev Williams – $2.55 billion
  • JP Morgan – $2.19 billion
  • Spark Capital – $1.46 billion
  • Benchmark Capital – $1.42 billion
  • USV – $1.25 billion
  • DST Global – $1.07 billion
  • Jack Dorsey – $1.05 billion
  • Dick Costolo – $344 million
  • Adam Bain – $80 million

These estimates are on the higher end, and depending on where the stock price moves over the coming months, so will the worth of individual stakes.

Despite being a Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone was found nowhere on the social network’s official IPO filing, nor did he make the list of top earners.

In a recent post, Fast Company helps to explain:

The S-1 filing makes no mention of Stone holding any Twitter shares, leading to a lot of confused debate and the notion that he holds zero stock, having sold it off-market beforehand. The truth is more likely that Stone doesn’t appear on the S-1 because he’s not an official of the company any more nor does he own more than 5% stock. Let’s say he is holding a straight 5% stake: At closing on launch day Twitter’s price was $44.90, which means if Biz really does own a 5% stake, it’s now worth close to $1.1 billion.

Do you plan on investing in Twitter?

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