Blue Instagram Photos Generate 24% More Likes, Study Finds

Instagram Photos

Instagram is home to over 150 million active users, and according to a new study from Curalate, blue photos generate 24 percent more likes.

Curalate is a visual analytics and marketing platform, and analyzed over eight million photos while taking into consideration over 30 different factors. Factors included lightness, saturation, background ration and dominant color.

Here were the findings:

  • Images with high lightness generate 24 percent more likes than darker images.
  • Images with a large amount of background space generate 29 percent more likes than images with a low amount.
  • Images with a single dominant color generate 17 percent more likes than images with multiple dominant colors.
  • Images with low saturation generate 18 percent more likes than more colorful images.
  • Images with a high level of texture generate 79 percent more likes than those without texture.
  • Selfies containing duck face generate 1,112 percent more likes than traditional selfies.

So to recap, if you paint yourself blue, and take a selfie with a duck face, you should get around 657 likes or something like that.

For a complete look at what qualities help Instagram photos perform better, you can check out the infographic below.

Instagram Photos

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