53% Of Twitter Users Expect Complaints To Be Answered Within An Hour


Twitter is often used for customer service, and according to new research from Lithium Technologies, 53 percent of people expect a response to complaints in under an hour.

Here’s the full breakdown of how quickly Twitter users expect a response:

  • Immediately – 14 percent
  • 5 to less than 30 minutes – 19 percent
  • 30 minutes to less than 1 hour – 20 percent
  • 1 to less than 2 hours – 12 percent
  • 2 to less than 5 hours – 4 percent
  • 5 to less than 12 hours – 4 percent
  • 12 to less than 24 hours – 12 percent
  • 1 day or longer – 14 percent

38 percent had more negative feelings about a brand when it look longer than one hour to respond.

60 percent will post about the negative experience on social media, and 74 percent believe they’ll get better service by criticizing the brand on social media.

With many Twitter users opting for the more direct line of communication, brands need to ensure they have the proper systems, and staff in place to handle any complaints.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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