Facebook Graph Search Expanding To The UK

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search rolled out to all users in the U.S. back in August, and according to The Telegraph, it’s rolling out to the U.K. starting today.

The functionality is identical to what U.S. users have seen for many months now, and it’s easily recognized as a large search bar at the top of Facebook.

Graph Search will roll out gradually in the U.K., and for users concerned about privacy, a Facebook spokesperson had this to say:

“We recommend using the Activity Log to see what you’re sharing and if you’re not happy with it, change it. For example, you could remove the tag of your name, delete it or ask the person who posted it to remove it. Or if you find you’ve shared something publicly, you can change this at a later date so that only ‘Friends’ can see it – or even ‘Only me’.”

In September, Facebook added the ability to search for posts, comments and check-ins in Graph Search, which is still rolling out to all U.S. users.

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