First Instagram Ad Saw 370% Increase In Likes

Instagram Ads

Instagram started testing ads last week, and according to analytics company Nitrogram, the first ad from Michael Kors saw a 370 percent increase in likes.

The ad was only displayed in feeds once, unlike Twitter or Facebook who will continue showing an ad.

Taking into account Michael Kors’ average engagement rate of 3.57 percent across its five most recent posts, Nitrogram estimated the ad reached approximately 6.15 million users.

Less than 24 hours after the Instagram ad went live, Michael Kors added 33,985 new followers, or about 16 times higher than average.

To no surprise, 20 percent of comments left on the ad were “phrased with a negative structure.”

From Nitrogram:

The least we can derive from the Michael Kors experiment is that they are delivering results on both fronts, to the sweet tune of 4x and 16x what Brands achieve organically. But how relevant is this acquired audience for Michael Kors? In other words: How targeted is Instagram’s ad network? That’s a question we’ll be able to answer by continually tracking the designer brand’s engagement rate.

Instagram ads are currently only appearing in the U.S., and are clearly defined by a blue “Sponsored” logo.

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